Fresh & Local

Our ethos is to use the most local and seasonal produce to deliver exceptional food on the plate. We aim to do classic pub food exceptionally as well as interesting premium dishes. We have a BERTHA (wood & charcoal fired oven) in the kitchen which allows to achieve unique flavours.


Our main butchers are Buxton Butchers based in Bristol. Animal welfare is particularly important to them. We use local game dealers to provide us with seasonal game.


Our main fish mongers are Kingfisher based in the Brixham fish market and New Wave Seafood. All the fish is sustainable and caught around the British Isles.


We use a number of suppliers to ensure we get fresh, local and seasonal produce.

Bertha Oven

We have a charcoal fired Bertha oven in the kitchen to add incredible flavour to meat and fish dishes.

Special dietary items available, just ask.